5 Second Fix Liquid Weldding Tool


* 5 second fixSuper powered liquid plastic welding compoundCreate Everlasting bond in just 5 secondsOnly cures with UV light so you can position & reposition your5 Second Fix is the liquid plastic welding kit that fixes, fills and seals virtually anything in 5 seconds or less – without the mess. 5 Second Fix is not a glue.

* It's a super-powered liquid plastic UV welding compound. 5 Second Fix is very easy to use – all you need to do is apply the solution on the surface and weld it with the UV light of the device and in 5 seconds the thing will be fixed.

* The welding compound of 5 Second Fix is super powered and creates a strong bond with its UV light. Now you can fix your broken eyeglasses, a wine glass or a child's toy and bring back the joy in 5 seconds.

* Perfect for crafters and hobbyists for anything that's on the ground or even aerial like a mini drone or helicopter. Fix flexible cords small or large, so you always stay charged.

* Fix a strap on a leather handbag. It is lightweight, portable, and can easily fit in your pocket, so you can take it on the go.

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